Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6-pack abs for 365 days?

Can you get a 6-pack? Everyone has one. So then, the real question is: Can you get lean enough to show off your 6-pack? Again, I think the answer to that question is also yes - if that is what you really want. I'm a big believer in producing the results you meditate on. If you want to be lean and strong, and you keep those thoughts in your head, knowing and seeing yourself as lean and strong, then you can become lean and strong. IF, your actions line up with your thoughts!

Lining up actions with our thoughts and goals is simple in concept, but it may not always be intuitive. Sometimes we don't always have the right knowledge base to get our actions started in the right direction. What I'm trying to say is that we can have the right goals or visions in our heads, but we may lack the knowledge on how to get started with the proper actions. This can become a source for frustration. 

I recently read a book authored by my friend, Geoff Neupert, called Six Pack Abs 365 - How To Get And Keep Your Six Pack Abs All Year Long. In his book, Geoff lays out the actions needed to line up with the goal of obtaining a six-pack midsection and keeping one. Geoff's idea is that a six-pack is a sign of strength and health, that your activity level and nutritional approach are in balance with each other. I like this idea because there are some people walking around with visible abs who are not very healthy or strong. 

In Six Pack Abs 365, Geoff provides his nutritional approach, a type of intermittent fasting, as well as some great "bulletproofing" exercise and strength building methods. The cool thing about the book is that it is full of the "why and how". That is to say, it doesn't just tell you the "what". Geoff provides the reasons, the science (biology), for why and how nutrition effects your body the way it does. To be honest, most of this was over my head. He actually goes into how each system in the body responds to our nutritional habits. It was deep. But that is cool because some people want to know how things work. Make no mistake about it, your eating choices effect your body and your outcomes.

Geoff also provides the "what" - his plan for obtaining and keeping the six-pack year round. He lays it all out nutritionally and physically. Overall, the book is FULL of information that can provide the knowledge to help you align your actions with your goals - if your goals are six-pack related. If you want to check it out, it is available on Because everything is available on Amazon!


Training today was good.

10 minutes of turkish get-ups with 24k: 14 per side
10 minutes of velocity (Battling Ropes)
10 minutes of backwards crawling
10 minutes of running!

Have a great week!

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