Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Change is Coming

The fitness industry is changing. It has to. Soon, the ways of Muscle and Fiction will be gone. Yes, there will also be a few people who want to look like modern day comic book heroes, but they are truly in the minority. Fitness is no longer about leotards, leg warmers, ab machines, or monthly memberships. Fitness is becoming a quality of life issue - a real-world life issue. 

There is a fitness revolution. The wave is coming. New and wonderful systems like Primal Move and MovNat are on the scene. People are starting to learn that just moving, playing, or exploring movement is a great place to start in their quest to become fit. Simplicity is starting to take hold in the minds of those seeking to improve the quality of their health. This is a refreshing change. Not everyone needs to be 3% body fat. Not everyone needs to be able to squat twice their bodyweight. Not everyone needs to eat 6 times a day. BUT, everyone needs to be able to get up off the floor should they ever fall. Everyone needs to be able to take a fall! Everyone needs, or at least they should want, to enjoy their lives when, and if, they make it into their 90's. 

Has your fitness paradigm shifted yet? Do you still believe all the lies that are in the magazines? Or the infomercials? Turn a deaf ear to those things. Learn how to move and use your body, and you may find that your fitness goals will fall into place. Better yet, you will probably, no definitely, improve the quality of your life.

A shift in the fitness world is coming, and this is a change that is GOOD. 

If you are interested, I recently wrote an article for Primal Move that deals with a small paradigm shift in strength training. You can check it out here:

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Sadie Chanlett-Avery said...

Great post. I'm writing a book about hypokinetic disease, critiquing the current fitness paradigm, and proposing a new model of movement medicine. Glad to find like-minded folks out there.

Tim Anderson said...


Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know when your book is complete.