Sunday, April 1, 2012

My X-tremely Wild, but Cool Theory

I have a theory. Yes, another one. But this one is out there, so I'll warn you now. I have a theory that there is really something special about the letter X. Actually, there really is something special about the letter X, but I have a theory about why the letter X is special. You still with me?

Our body is an X. It is also made up of a series of X's. From your spiraling, or X-ing, DNA, to the way your muscles cross over each other and lie in relation to each other. The forces we generate even travel through our bodies contra-laterally, from one side to the other. Everything about you is an X. (this is a brief recap from Becoming Bulletproof)

Now, here is the cool stuff. The letter X is the only symbol, or letter, that requires both hemispheres of your brain to see. From Carla Hannaford's Smart Moves: "Both hemispheres of the neocortex and the developed neural pathways of the corpus callosum are required in order to see the X."

I letter X is pretty cool. I have even had clients who were in pain think, or imagine, the letter X while they were rocking and their pain went away. I just told them to imagine the X, I never told them why or what to expect. In Brain Gym, Paul Dennison, says that visualizing the letter X can improve performance. Why? Probably because it requires both hemispheres of the brain to be done, and the better the brain is functioning, the better the body functions. 

Okay, hold on because here is my theory: We are made up of X's, everything about our design is an X (most everything). Even thinking about the letter X does wonders in our brain. I think that maybe the letter X is a calling card from God. Don't freak out, just think about it. The letter X is the symbol for Christ. God knew that it would be the symbol, too! What if, in God's wisdom, and His sense of humor, He left clues about His being. What if the X and all the wonders that revolve around it, are just God's way of saying, "I'm here. You were made by Me." 
What if this is why the X is so special?

If I haven't lost you, and if you are still with me, you must understand that I am just fascinated by how awesome the body is and how amazing God is. My mind thinks of things like this. I don't think I'm too crazy though (of course I wouldn't think myself to be crazy). Look in our world, even in marketing, if you slap an X on your words, like X-treme, X-citing, XXX, XL, or whatever, you create excitement or a buzz. We generate, or invoke, awesomeness with use of the letter X in our everyday worlds. Do you think this is coincidence? I don't.

Anyway, again, this is just my theory. There is something special about the X no matter how you look at it. I will say though that it does make me feel good to think that God uses it as a way of saying, "Hey, I'm here."


Training today (on a Sunday!) looked like this:

A1 - Rock lift to a press with 50 pounds x 10 x 10 sets
A2 - Burpees x 10 x 10 sets

B- Lots of top secret crawling drills! ;)

C - Sled dragging / running w/ 95 pounds: 80 yards x 10 runs - whew! 

Hope you have a great week!


Hope you have a great week!

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