Sunday, December 9, 2007


Well, I took it easy this week. Still lots of Z and streching. As far as my training went, I practiced lots of turkish get-ups and windmills with a light kb. A few slow, light swings here and there and a lot of pull-ups. My glutes seem to be better. I have more of my usual range of motion now when doing windmills. Oh, and I can sit for longer periods of time now! That's good...

I realized something the other day that sucks. I've done all this training, tearing my body down and never did anything to help it recover. My nutrition has sucked over the last few months. I've trained harder and ate less. Less food, less vitamins, just less. My muscles always feel tired and I press on - whipdeedoo. I forgot to feed them, to rest them. Now, they've turned on me.

This week I'm going to try something completely new to me. REST and FOOD. Well, that's what i'm going to do, but not because I think it will help. I have to. More on that later... Anyway, hopefully my body will forgive me and recover. Hey, it's almost Christmas. I wonder if I can find anything good to eat?

Have a good one!


Brett Jones said...

your training has to be balanced by your recovery - food, rest, Z, near infrared sauna, massage etc...all have an equal and really more important role in training.

Another way to look at it is that your training is limited by your recovery.

Enjoy this chance to recover and find even higher peaks.

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Brett. I get tunnel vision easy and lose site of everything else. Balance always seems to elude me. A man can only ride the Stupid Stubborn train for so long. Eventually it comes to a stop, or crash... I will enjoy the rest, And investigate this massage thing you mentioned.

Franz Snideman said...

Glad you came to the realization Tim!

Rest and food are good things! And they are never overrated!

Tim Anderson said...

Franz, just now starting to realize there are no prizes or awards for training everyday, or training through pain. I want to be able to train when i'm 99, so i'd better rest up.