Monday, December 3, 2007


Last week was a down week for me. At the advice of my friends, I decided to take it easy. I had a week of Z-health and stretching. Yep, took a week off, on purpose... And I learned something: i didn't wither away! Anyways, thanks to everyone for your advice, I appreciate it.

Saturday, i didn't completely rest. I had the opportunity to train 3 outstanding gentlemen in Zebulon, NC. It's so much fun teaching people how to use kettlebells. And, it felt good to do some get-ups!

So good that today (Monday), I did some light get-ups with the 16kg. Felt really good. Then i did some pull-ups and halos. All followed by more Z and stretching.
And with any luck, i'll still feel good tomorrow.

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