Friday, December 14, 2007

God Bless George Washington Carver

For he is the father of the peanut... Since i'm not training this week, and i'm bored i thought I'd say a little about my favorite food: peanut butter. To me, there is not much food that peanut butter can't make taste better. By itself on a spoon, or on top of a banana, peanut butter rocks. This food is solely responsible for keeping me at my current weight. Here are some of my favorite snacks w/ peanut butter:

pb and banana (i eat about 3 to 4 of these a day!)
pb and apple - granny smith
vanilla protein and pb mixed together like pudding
vanilla yogurt and pb
ritz crackers with pb and marsh mellow - roasted in the oven - w/ a glass of milk
(only for very special occasions)
chocolate pb - available in stores!
even a pb and turkey sandwich is kinda good.
and of course, the old stand by: pb on a spoon

I like the natural no stir versions.

Well, that's it. I have a lot of crazy pb recipes but i wouldn't want you to think me too strange...


Taikei Matsushita said...

Any recommended brand or kind?
One like less sugar.

Tim Anderson said...

Well, Most of the time i try to find organic brands depending on where i'm shopping. When I can't find those, I like the Skippy Natural, no stir. They don't use hydrogenated oil in this one. I like Peanut Butter and Company's White Chocolate PB and their Dark Chocolate PB. To be honest, I kinda like them all... I real treat is Sunflower Nut Butter, that stuff is good! How are you doing Taikei? What kind do you like?

Taikei Matsushita said...

Doing pretty good here, done some workshops and some teaching. Trying to get out of my old profession.

Peanut butter, one without much sugar in it. I'll look for Sunflower nut butter here.

I remember giving you my chocolate that came with lunch at RKC.

Tim Anderson said...

Yes, it was Dark Chocolate Mint. Every man has his weakness...

Franz Snideman said...

Agree completely! I am a peanut butter nut (no pun intended). I use it in my protein shakes every morning......they are the best! I also add frozen berries, a powdered whole food matrix supplement plus vanilla whey protein powder!

Thank God for George Washington Carver!

Tim Anderson said...

Franz, peanut butter makes the morning shake. You are so right. Although, yours sounds healthier than mine.