Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Good Week

I love this time of year! Everyone seems so happy and nice! It just seems right. 

I don't have any big post today other than to say it has been a good week. I finished ( i think ) my new ebook called Fitness Made Easy: A Ridiculously Simple Approach to Building a Healthy Body. I hope to have it online and available soon. 
I would explain it more but the title does a pretty good job. And besides, I'll need something to blog about later!

Also this week, today actually, my wife has resumed her goal to learn how to bake Christmas goodies. The house smells so good! 18 years and now she wants to learn how to cook. It really is true, good things come to those who wait!

Training has been going well too. I got a new toy - 16 pound sledge hammer, and I've set a few new PRs for myself. Though, I guess the first time you try anything new, you set a PR. Right? Anyway, It is cool to see what you can do when you just start to think, "I wonder if I can do....." and then you do whatever it is you were wondering about. It is cool to me, anyways. I'm living the bulletproof idea.

Today's training was Distance Day:

Spider-man Crawl while dragging a 96 pound chain: 80 yards x 2 trips
X-vest (40 pounds) and Farmers walks w/ 2 32k kettlebells: 80 yards x 4 trips
X-vest and 90 pound sandbag carries: 80 yards x 6 trips
     Performed 10 pushups between each trip with the farmers walks and sandbag
     carries. = 100 pushups in X-vest
X-vest and 200 pound sled: Drag 80 yards, then push back 80 yards x 2 rounds

This felt great. The X-vest really doesn't seem to effect me any more than not wearing it at all. I really don't notice it with the carries. I guess that is a pretty good sign!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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