Monday, December 19, 2011

New Season

I've decided to quit traditional strength training for a while and just focus on play sessions. More to the point, I'm just going to focus on "work" sessions. I just want to engage in activities and perform bouts of work, or work capacity and increase my mental resiliency. 

If my mental resiliency goes up, i'm guessing my physical resiliency will increase also. This is just the season I am in right now. After a while, I may test some "strength" things and see where I'm at. To me, "strength" is purely relative to the person who is defining it. I've seen several definitions and opinions about strength, so I'll be going with my own version should I get curious to see what I can do. ;) As long as I feel good, feel strong, and I can run, jump, climb and play, I'm good to go.

So, If you've noticed all the play sessions I've posted on facebook or this blog, it is because I'm playing - every day.

Today's session:

Spider-man crawl x 15 minutes
16 lb. Sledge Hammer on tire x 10 minutes
2" Rope, Velocity Training x 10 minutes

35 minutes of work! (play!)

Have a great week!


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