Friday, January 6, 2012

Becoming Bulletproof is More Than Just an Idea

Becoming Bulletproof can be a game changer, a life changer. We were made to be resilient. We were made to be conquerors. That is the heart of the book, and it has a pulse.

Check out Dan John's Becoming Bulletproof story:

"One of the signs that "things had gone terribly, terribly wrong" for me was simply when I tried to do Tim's simple reset workouts. Now, this will sound odd as I recommend, without reservation or hesitation, Tim's work. My left hip had gotten to the point that the amount of degeneration (actually necrosis) in that hip that I couldn't do the "Cross Crawl" at any level. Literally, it stunned me into action and I decided, grudgingly, to go to a specialist. Within a week, I was under the gas mask and had IV lines in my wrist for a total hip replacement.

Now, what's the point? My "cure" for the surgery, the bulk of my rehab, has been taking Tim's solid advice: I starting "rocking" as soon as I could and attempted my first cross-crawl with enough tubes coming in and out of me to make walking impossible. For the record, I got close. Soon, cross-crawling and walking with my body tuned to cross-crawling became my rehab. Now, just a few months after surgery, I still marvel at the joy of movement and the simplicity of using Tim's simple movements to wake up my body.

I'm not a big fan of some of the junk we see today with training, but I find Tim's approach so refreshing: we are going to work with some basic patterns, a few pumping motions then express those movements "bigger and bigger." It's a simple approach and the rewards are amazing."
- Dan John

That is simply awesome! Dan, Thank you for sharing this story!

You are made to be resilient! You are made to be a life conqueror. What could you do, what could you overcome, if you pressed your reset button?


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