Friday, January 27, 2012

Can You Roll?

If you have spent anytime around kettlebells, you are probably some-what familiar with the Turkish Get-up. If you are a trainer who teaches kettlebells, you are also probably familar with the frustration (of both you and your client) that comes when a new client is trying to learn how to do a Turkish Get-up.

For some people, the Turkish Get-up comes naturally. For others, it can be an endless sorce of frustration. If you, or your client seem to have a hard time learning the Get-up, you might want to check and see if you, or they, can roll.

Can you perform Segmental Rolls - like the ones shown in Pressing Reset?
If you cannot roll, the Turkish Get-up could end up being your great white whale. You may never conquer it unless you own your rolling patterns.

After all, the Turkish Get-up is a roll. It is a roll under a load. If you don't own your rolling patterns and you try to roll under a load ( a kettlebell ) you may only cement your non-ability to roll. You may reinforce the pattern, or lack of rolling pattern, that you have. Adding load to a pattern helps make it stick. Good or bad.

So, if you, or a client you know, has trouble performing the Turkish Get-up, check to see if you, or they, can roll from all your limbs. Especially make sure you own your upper body rolls.

There are other reasons people have issues performing the Get-up. A quick fix could be just to explain that the Get-up IS a roll and NOT a sit-up. Sometimes that really helps, too.

If you don't do Get-ups, that is okay. You should still check to see whether or not you can roll. It is good for you! ;)

Have a great weekend.


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