Sunday, January 22, 2012

Movement is Good Medicine

You ever notice that there is a pill for every illness or inconvenience out there? Are you depressed? Take this pill. Are you fat? Take this pill. Are you fatigued all the time? Take this pill. Are you stressed? 

You get the point, right? There is literally a pill for everything under the sun. There are even pills for the pills you take. It is quite amazing. 

Guess what. We were not made to take pills. We don't have a viagra deficiency! We could solve and prevent most problems medical science knows about with simple movement. I believe we have so many health issues because we simple don't move. We don't play. We don't really do anything except lounge around and learn about all the pills we could take to solve our problems. 

Movement is the key to health. Movement is the elixir that is good for what ails you! Get up and move, man! Low testosterone? Exercise! Depression? Go walk OUTSIDE in the sun light! Arthritis? Move! Yes, movement is good for arthritis. You don't need joints that move if you don't intend to move your joints! Right?

Here is just a short list of things that movement can cure:

high blood pressure
heart disease 
obesity - big butt-itis
high cholesterol - if it is indeed a problem!
Alzheimer's - movement feeds and nourishes the brain
flat feet
insert your favorite issue here....

We don't need pills. We need to move. We need to get up out of our chairs, go outside, and move. We need to play and explore our environment with our bodies, not our laptops. If you want a healthy, happy life, learn to move.

Take two walks today and call me in the morning!

Yesterday's training was fun. I carried rocks! I picked them up, walked around until I needed to drop them, rested and repeated for several times. 

Have a great week!


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