Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for a new you? You can make all the changes you desire if you just stick to your guns. I just wrote a new book about this called Fitness Habits Made Easy: A Ridiculously Simple Approach to Building a Healthy Body. This is the perfect book for anyone who ever struggles to develop good fitness habits or routines. 

Also, If you are a personal trainer, this is a great resource! It may really help you with your clients. It has been a great help to me. I started out using my clients as guinea pigs for the content and it has now become a training staple for all my clients. Training with tangible results = happy clients!

Anyway, if you decide to check it out, I really hope you find it helpful and hopeful.

Today's training:

Lateral Spider-man crawl with 40 pound x-vest x 10 minutes
Circle Crawl x 10 minutes
2" Velocity with Battling Ropes x 10 minutes! Whoooo! Smoker.

Have a great week and a great year!



Unknown said...

Hey Tim,

I've never heard the concept of 'circle crawl' before, and google yields no immediately explanatory results. Could you please explain how it's done?

Best regards

Jonas, Sweden

Tim Anderson said...


Pretend there is a pole going through your navel and you are spinning on an axis. It is the spider-man position, but you spin in one place! It is great fun.