Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Staying the Course

Been sticking with the plan this week. Almost been 2 weeks now and haven't deviated away from it. I honestly think it may be working. Elbows are having some good days. They remind me every now and then that they are there, but they feel better. And to me that's a good thing.

Doing lots of streching, thumping, rubbing, trigger point therapy, extensor strengthening... Workout wise, lots of get-ups, swings, hand stand pushups on blocks and pistols. Again, I see/feel some progress. It's a little at time, but it's progress. I'm going to try another 2 weeks of this and evaluate as I go...

TGU w/ 16kg for 10 minutes: 20 per side
Swings w/ 16 kg; 15 sec on, 15 sec off
10 reps by 30 sets = 300 reps
Hindu Pushups 10 reps x 3 sets
Body totally tapped/tired/fried. Don't know why, but this zapped me. Long days at the fire station???

A1-Front Squats w/ 24kg
6 x 4 sets = 24 reps
A2-Handstand Pushups on blocks
5 x 4 sets = 20
A3-Halos w/ 16kg
5/5 x 4 sets
B1-Windmills w/ 16kg
5/5 x 4 sets
B2-Resilient French Press w/ 16kg
5 x 4 sets

TGU w/ 24kg for 10 minutes: 15 per side
Double Swings w/ 2(16kg)
10 x 20 sets = 200 reps
Hindu Pushups x 10

That's pretty much how it's been going and what I've been doing... With all the handstand pushups and get-ups i'll bet my press will really increase when I get back to it. We shall see.


Doug said...

Tim sounds like you are heading the right way. I remembered the other day that when my elbows were fired up I was able to do light bottoms up presses with out pain. This seems odd but the flexors are also dynamic elbow stabilizers.

Tim Anderson said...

Doug, I've noticed that I can also do buttoms up presses without pain but it seemed counter-intuitive to me so i've not been doing them. Interesting. I'm glad you mentioned it.

Franz Snideman said...

Tim, you are learning the hard way about active rehab. It will be worth its' weight in gold though,as you are learning how to modify, listen to your body, and rehab yourself.

Rock on brother!

Tim Anderson said...

Franz, I will say that it is teaching me patience. Something i've never really had time for! I do think that this is, and will continue to be, a valuable experience (and not just for me).