Saturday, August 18, 2007

What I've learned so far.

Well, here are some things i've learned over the last few days. For one, deep tissue massage with the thumper, especially on trigger points, really helps my elbow. For two, I can grip anything if my arm is straight; even heavy kettlebells. For three, I can press all day long if my hand is open and flat. And for five, if i use my grip while my elbow bends, it freakin' hurts. But knowing all this, i'm actually having a lot of fun with handstand pushups on blocks and swings.

For the handstand pushups, i put my hands on blocks to allow my head to lower past my hands so it is more military press like. This has gotten cool for me because I weigh almost 170 (lost 8 lbs since elbow pain started) and I can do these easily. Lately i've been practicing total body tension and really trying to use the lats. Different experience upside down; at least for me.

With the swings, i eased in to them at first about 2 weeks ago. I was scared a little because of having to grip the bell, though it is a hook grip it's still a grip. Well, the swings have been causing no pain or problems. So today i did double kb swings with the 32kgs. I wanted to feel like like i could lift heavy again. It worked, they were heavy. Maybe i can put that 8 lbs back on. Anyway, not even the slightest hint of discomfort.

So, Today's workout looked like this:

A1-Double Swings
2(24kgs) x 5,5,5
2(32kgs) x 5,5,5,5,5 - Wow, heavy. Cool, very cool.
2(24kgs) x 10,10,10,10,10 - So light and easy after 32kgs!

A2- HSPU on blocks x 3 for 13 sets = 39 total reps

I did this today because I did a kb workshop this afternoon called Pulls and Presses. So i had the urge to pull and press....
Oh, and the workshop went well.

Yesterday's workout:

TGU w/ 32kg for 5 minutes = 5 per side
Getting the kb to straight arm position hurt today; fine after arm is straight. Elbow no like bending while gripping. With a lighter kb, I can cheat it up better using other arm.

32kgs x 10 for 10 sets = 100 reps @ 30 sec b/w sets
24kgs x 10/10 for 5 sets = 100 reps @ 15 sec b/w sets
Hand to Hand w/ 16kg x 50 for 5 sets = 150 reps @ 30 sec b/w sets

That's this weeks lesson. Hopefully i'll carry it with me to next week. In September, I hope to ease into snatches. But if the bo's still say no, i just won't go...

Have a good weekend.


Mark Reifkind said...

I've found the same thing;especially when I swing or snatch, I have to keep the arm straight. part of the problem was the tightness that I have because of the lack of shoulder extension. that behind back stretch really has helped. once I get the stretch I put the wrist in extension and I can really feel the elbow open up. keep it up you will get it licked!

Tim Anderson said...

Thanks Mark, I've been doing the stretch. It's an eye opener. I can not get the stick level! Never would have fiqured that. Also it feels good, aside from the cramps my tricep still wants to get. weird... Anyway, I will stay at it. Thanks again, Yoda. You are the Jedi Master.

Mark Reifkind said...

glad its helping. i have the same phenomenon, when the stick is straaight the shoulders are off and vice versa.also, I have found the shoulders extend much better with the head in neutral towards a slight flexion.
I also go back and forth with wrist flexion/extension while the shoulder is back behind me. really interesting things in the tight front shoulder.
oh yeah and I really focus on making the right tricep fire from begining to the end or the elbow tends to flex.
so much from such a simple stretch.