Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Come Back?

Could it be? My elbows feel miraculously better today. Hmmm? I spent most of the day yesterday doing Rif's stick extensions and the Z-health drills Geoff showed me. Today, things feel good. I like that...

Today's workout was pretty good, too. Atleast for me anyways. I went heavy. Heavy getups, heavy windmills and semi heavy swings.

TGU w/ 32kg
2/2 x 4 sets
Windmills with 32kg
3/3 x 5 sets
Dbl swings w/ 2 (24kgs)
10 x 10 sets

Getups felt heavy, windmills felt good. Together they made 9 sets each arm. I snatched up the 32kg before each set, and today i lowered it the "snatch" way. Elbows - I still have them! No pain, no rain. I'll take it. Elbows have felt great all day. I'll take that too. It might be a come back, still too soon to tell. Don't want to rush anything. BUT, it could be... And if so, I would just like to thank God, Rif, Geoff, Franz, Brett and Doug. You guyz rock.

Goodnight everybody.


Franz Snideman said...

Your welcome brother!

Glad to hear your elbows are feeling better!

Mark Reifkind said...

good to hear it too. what z health drills are associated with the elbow?

Tim Anderson said...

Mark, that's the craziest thing. He had me bend my ankles in different directions while i put some weight on my foot. Never even touched my elbows. I can't explain it. Totally weird but really cool. All I know is today I did 100 double snatches without pain. Some residual pain later, but i did the drills again and the pain went away. I wish I could explain it.

Mark Reifkind said...

very cool tim. if it works it works! so you can get to zero pain just with the ankle drills? did the snatches create elbow pain before or jsut make it worse?
what caused the most pain? crush grip pressing right? can you do that yet? and if it does reproduce the pain does the drills fix it? this is good stuff.

Tim Anderson said...

Rif, Snatches made it worse. Crush gripping while pressing really aggrivated elbow. I can now crush grip and do presses and bent presses with very little discomfort. If it hurts, i do the drills and it does seem to take the pain away. It is cool and weird. But like you said, if it works, it works. I'm just glad to be pressing. Snatching yesterday was way cool too.

Mark Reifkind said...

thats way cool tim.its nice to be out of pain and it seems to be way quick.does snatching or pressing bring it back? how long does the treatment last?

Tim Anderson said...

Rif, from what i've been observing my elbow feels good from about noon throughout the rest of the day. When I wake, the elbow feels "tight". Some sensation/discomfort on the first 1 - 2 sets of presses or snatches, i'll do the ankle drills, then i'm good for the rest of the workout. Tightness comes back about 1 - 2 hours after workout, I'll do the ankle drills and from noon on, i'm pretty good. I do the stick stretches and thumper at night before bed because they feel good. I'm probably not doing the drills correctly as far as how i'm using them, but from what i can tell from my readings, if the pain or discomfort improves with each rep/set and each rep/set is getting better than the previous i'm headed in the right direction. As long as i'm not moving into pain, i guess... I don't know, i'm just happy to get some good reps in. I'm sure if i just did the drills correctly and not get over zealous w/ the kettlebell, i'd heal much faster. I still do the thumper and stretches though because I feel that they are also beneficial. I'll take all the good parts to make a greater sum/result.