Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Days 7 and 8. They were great...

Still plugging along on my 40 day Journey thanks to Dan John and Pavel. I think I have it down now but my history would suggest that I probably don't. At any rate, I think I have my core exercises in place. Especially since I decided to use squat variations as part of my warm up. 

Warm up which included kettlebell front squats w/ 24s: 3, 4, 3
SLDL (i had no access to a bar today) 2-24kgs: 3, 4, 3 - way easy
Dbl Press w/ 2-24kgs: 3, 4, 3
Pull-ups w/ BW: 5, 5
Dbl Cleans w/ 2-24kgs: 30 reps - okay, i'm breathing now. oh my, oh my
Hanging Leg Raise: 5, 5

Ended this session with some carries
Dbl Over Head Carry w/ 2-24kgs: 80 steps x 2
Dbl Farmers Carry w/ 2-24kgs: 250 steps
Dbl Rack Carry w/ 2-24kgs: 100 steps

I should probably put these in the warm up but I'm trying to figure them out and learn how I want to use them right now. I think I like them afterwards. 

Warm up which included Overhead Squats 75 lbs x 3, 105 lbs x 4, 3
Dead Lifts w/ 225 lb x 3, 255 lb x 4, 3 - starting to feel like i'm picking up weight
Kb press w/ 32kg: 3, 4, 3 each arm
Pull-up w/ 16kg: 5, 5 - again, way easy
Dbl Cleans w/ 2-24kgs: 15, 15, 15
Hanging Leg Raise: 5, 5 - these are so easy it is hard to count them as one of my 5 exercises. May need to look for an ab alternative or play with ways to make them harder.

Suitcase carries w/ 32kg: 100 steps each arm x 3 walks

That is all for now.

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