Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm going to feel that tomorrow...

Ran the 5K today. But before I get to that, i'll post yesterday's 40 day training:

Day 32 - 11/12/10
Front Squats w/ 135 lbs x 5, 5
Dead Lifts w/ 225 x 3, 4, 3
KB Press w/ 32kg x 3/3, 4/4, 3/3
Pull-ups w/ BW x 10
Swings w/ 32kg x 20, 20, 20
HLR x 5

Now, Today looked like this:
5K in 24 minutes. I made it! I haven't run a whole mile in over 2 years! I ran right over 3 today and never stopped. I even feel like my time is pretty decent. What does this mean? It means God is good, cause I was a praying man before the race started. I have done nothing to prepare for this race and I probably should not have run it. I also ran it in Vibram 5 fingers (I never said I was smart!).

So yes, I haven't ran a mile in 2 years, I haven't trained at all to run a 5K, and I ran one today in Vibrams. I'm insane. And my trophy? I have the world's sorest calves. I can hardly walk! Not even 3 hours after I've run, my calves have officially staged a rebellion. I can only imagine how painful tomorrow and Monday will be. Oh well, God is good and I am dumb.

On that note, I would like to officially announce my retirement from 5Ks as of today. I came out of a 15 year retirement to run one today and after completing my mission, I'm going back into retirement. Hopefully my calves will forgive me soon...

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